Herzlich Willkommen im Landhotel Stähle
Herzlich Willkommen im Landhotel Stähle





Venison Consommé

Venison meat - chanterelles - vegetables

puff pastry


Roast of a young Venison "Baden-Baden"

sauce of red wine - chanterelles - red cabbage with apples

homemade spaetzle


Venison Goulasch "Waidmann"

sauce of red wine - mushrooms - red cabbage with apples

homemade spaetzle


Small Venison Steaks "Böhmisch"

sauce of red wine - chanterelles - dried fruits

red cabbage with apples - homemade potato croquettes


Sauerbraten of Boar

sourish sauce - dried fruits

red cabbage with apples - homemade potato croquettes





Roasted Chicken Liver a la mode Marlen


onions - salad bouquet - baguette


Beef Carpaccio

salad bouquet - shaved Parmesan - lemon - pepper


A dozen Escargots

sauce of herbage and garlic - baguette


Beef Tatare - classically mixed

egg yolk - mustard - spicery - anchovies

onions - capers - salad bouquet - baguette


Tarte aux quatre fromages (small cake from 4 kinds of cheese)

salad bouquet - pear





French Onion Soup served in a Tumbler

white wine and Cognac

cheese crouton


Eva`s fine Apple Soup

Curry - chicken - apple slices - red pepper - mushrooms


"Grafschafter Hochzeitssuppe"

Consommé with meat, royale and leek


fruity Tomato Soup

herbage - Champagne



You can choose two different soups "to taste" - they will be served in coffee cups!





Homemade Fettucine Pasta

with salmon cubes and prawns

sauce of Grana Padano cheese


Homemade Fettucine Pasta tossed in oil of olives and herbage

garlic - cherry tomatoes - Rucola salad - pine nuts


Roasted Zander filet with a sauce of lobster

king prawns - truffled mousselin potatoes


Salmon filet - Sous vide cooke

sauce of lemon - Scallops - Brokkoli

homemade black Pasta


Pork Medaillons wrapped in bacon - Rose Roasted

cream - sautéed mushrooms - potatoes au gratin


Stähle`s Classical Schnitzel "different style"

three little Schnitzel - planked with

roasted mushrooms

tossed peppers

baked Caprese (tomato & Mozzarella cheese)

homemade potato herbage sticks


Traditional Wiener Schnitzel

of calf - lemon - vegetables - homemade potato croquettes


Angus-Rumpsteak with fried onion rings

homemade herbage butter - grilled tomato - bean bunches

homemade potato croquettes

220 g



Salad Bar

A portion of fried potatoes (always charged separately - without bacon by request)




Dear Guest!

In case you might are allergic to something or you suffer for a food incompatibility, please feel free to contact us.

We can then create menues to your wishes and needs.

For the past years, we keep dealing with this topic -

not least because of personal reasons.


We can also offer you a listing of potential allergens of our dishes.





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