Grafschaft Bentheim



"Come down and experience the variety

between old moor and heathland in the North

and the Bentheimer Höhenrücken in the South"



The Grafschaft Bentheim forms the southwestern corner of Lower Saxony and is located directly at the border to North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands.

The region is embossed by the old moor and heathland in the North and the "Bentheimer Höhenrücken", the local hill, in the South.

A large number of integral nature reserves, seas and water routes form the landscape.


The Grafschaft Bentheim is touristy and culturally embossed in many places and on the bicycle routes of more than 1000 km, passionate cyclists get their "money`s worth".


Furthermore, these are just a few worthwhile destinations:


the Castle of Bad Benthem with Palace Garden,


the Spa Gardens of Bad Bentheim with the Mineral therm,


the Open Air Theatre,


the Franciscan Cloister,


the Museum of the regional Sandstone,


the Protestant Church with its history-charged steeple,


the old town Hall of Schüttorf,


the beautiful Quendorfer See,


the old mill with the traditional "Backhaus",


the family zoo in Nordhorn and Rheine,


the Vechtesee,


and "Emsflower" - the biggest garden center with own tropical garden of Europe.




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